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Proudly serving the Orange County Area with locations in Aliso Viejo, Irvine, and Fountain Valley.
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Swim Lessons in Orange County

Welcome to NOVA Orange County swim lessons school. NOVA Swim School offers a wide range of swim lessons and classes to suit any age child of any swim ability level. From age 3 and older, the NOVA Orange County swim lesson certified teachers are trained to provide a safe, friendly, and fun swimming environment for your child.

Private and Group swim lessons are available to ensure the ultimate learning experience for each child. Check out our swim videos for more detailed information. To see if there is a swim school location near you, visit our swim lessons locations page.

OC Swim League

Come join the fun in the OC Swim League. With free clinics and fun competitions, the OC Swim League is a great place to meet new friends, stay active for the summer, and have fun. The OC Swim League is offered at three separate locations around Orange County for your convenience: Irvine, Fountain Valley, Aliso Viejo. Please refer to the city closest for you for more information, or give us a call.

Junior Lifeguard Prep Course

Our Junior Guard Prep Course is an excellent way to help future Junior Guards prepare for upcoming Junior Guard Try-outs. Our classes are focused on preparing individuals for the requirements set forth by the many Junior Guard Programs offered in Southern California.

We offer two sessions:
Session 1 - March 3-March 27
Session 2 - March 31-April 24
Classes offered twice per week.

How to Choose the Right Swim Lessons

Sending your child to swim lessons in Orange County allows him or her to learn proper swimming techniques from local trained professionals and have fun in the process. Choose the best Orange County swim school for your child by focusing on school atmosphere, instructor certifications and specialty class options for your child.

Step 1 - Find Swim Lessons
Find an Orange County swim school by checking out your local business directory or perform an online search to see what swim schools are in your area. Ask your friends or neighbors if they have attended a swim school in the area.

Step 2 - Research Schools
Visit the school and ask for a guided tour of the facility and swimming pool. Observe the cleanliness and overall feeling of the pool and common areas and ask about the average swimming lessons class class size.

Step 3 - Swim Lesson Safety
Check the license and certification requirements as well as the average years of experience for the instructors at the school. All swim lessons instructors need to be CPR certified as well as certified in water safety.

Step 4 - Swim School Fit
Ensure your child is comfortable with the school and instructor. Ask her questions about the school and how she feels about taking swim classes at that facility. Bring your child along on the tour to make sure she sees everything you do.

Step 5 - The Swim Lesson Test
Ask if the school allows a trial class for your child. Participating in a class is the best way to know if the swim school is a good fit for your child.

Step 6 - Swim Lesson Levels
Confirm whether the swim lessons or school offers adult classes if you are interested in learning beginner or advanced swim techniques. Some swim lessons offer parent-child classes for younger children so you can both enjoy the water.

Choose a swim lessons school that offers warm water for classes. Warm water makes you more comfortable and your child more apt to enter the water for swim lessons. Always trust your instincts. If anything at the school gives you pause or your child is not completely comfortable, move on to the next school.

We hope you choose NOVA swim school for your swim lessons.

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